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We've got several gamemodes.


FarmTycoon was created as a multiplayer tycoon game on Minecraft which is easy to play, understand and master. The point of the game is to get as much money as you can, you can earn money by farming and selling crops. If you have enough money you can get better crops that give more money and get more plots so that you can get more crops to get more money and so on.


SkyBlock is a game mode where you survive on a custom build island. The server features some cool addons like Minions who can automate your island. We also have a Token system so you can buy ranks, fly, etc. in-game.

One In The Chamber

One In The chamber (Oitc) is a fast paste bow and arrow mini-game where you can train your bow skills. This server uses 1.8 PVP mechanics.

FactoryTycoon (1.15.2)

This is a tycoon style game, your end goal is to have the most money on the server. You can achieve this goal by making your own automated farms or you can use the minions. You can get more building space and perks by leveling up your ranks.

The Heist

This game mode is a work in progress and will be released in the future. It will be based around the VR Title Budget Cuts but entirely made in vanilla Minecraft with resource packs.

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